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No Ugly Babies

the most distasteful rating community ever

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Nearly 100,000 comments before LJ became a ghost town and the Russians took over.
A community for rating babies? You are all terrible people.

So long and thanks for all the waffles.


Ever known someone with a baby that was uglier than a bucket of armpits?
How did you respond when they said "Isn't he/she just the cutest baby you've ever seen?"

Were you honest? Of course not! Because all babies are beautiful even if they resemble Quasi Modo.
No one in real life is mean enough to tell a mother that she's given birth to a troll!

But this isn't real life, it's reality TV on steroids sooo...

Do you have the guts to find out if your baby is really as cute as you think? And are you brave enough to tell others the truth?

This is a RATING community. Don't post unless you're ok with the concept.
By posting photos here, you agree to accept your fate and not piss and moan if you or your baby get insulted.
If you actually give a shit what random morons from the net think of your child, you shouldn't be here.
For entertainment purposes only. Void where prohibited. Contents may settle during shipment.

What the critics are saying.

~ LJ Drama says...nouglybabies is perhaps the best community on LJ. and calls most of us ...sane parents with a sense of humor...

~ Encyclopedia Dramatica says...nouglybabies is well into its stride as one of the most drama-laced LJ communities of all time.

~ Something Positive says...If you ask people to rate your baby, you're going to run the risk someone's going to say, "no, I'm sorry. That's not a baby. It's a highly evolved vaginal discharge. May I offer you a bag and some heavy rocks?"

~ (Anonymous) 2005-02-28 12:13 (from says...ur such trash! fucking hell!

~ mansonkitty420 says... You all are a bunch of fat ass ugly bitches who think you should take your own self asteem issues out on babies? Seriously I have seen some cute babies on here and some ugly but ya'll are the last to be judging what anyone looks like. Get a fucking life and try a diet and some makeup!

~ callitlikeitis says...Just quickly clicking on the profiles of some of the more frequent posters here I must say; many of you are lucky to find sperm donors to help you procreate. Most of you fall into two common categories: dirty or huge. Some of you were apparently rolled in flour to aid in finding the hole for procreation (Eagon, come on honey, put down the ho-hos, and use your WIC checks for some produce), or you have a hard time finding the shower.



Who do I contact if there is a problem?

If it's against TOS, contact LJ abuse.
If it's good drama, make a post about it.
Otherwise, bend over and take it like a man.

General Rules:

~ Insults are welcome.
~ Be honest.
     Don't be nice just because someone is your friend.
     Don't be mean just because you dislike someone.
~ No Advertising.
~ No disabling comments.
~ All posts must include pictures.
~ Put all pics behind an <lj-cut>.
~ No posting other people's pictures. It's against TOS.
~ No fetus or animal applications. Ha. Ha. Very funny. How original.


~ Join and make a post titled "Application."
~ Copy the questions below and answer them in your application post.
~ Include at least THREE decent sized, good quality, un-photoshopped pictures of your baby. His/Her face MUST be clearly visible in the shots. You may also include other photos of any size, color, and filter.
~ Put the questions AND the pics behind an <lj-cut>.
~ If you post with poor quality pics or don't answer the questions, you WILL be rejected
~ re-apply as often as you like, but no more than once a day.


1) Your baby's name -
2) Your baby's age -
3) Special talents -
4) Describe your baby's biggest flaws/quirks/abnormalities and why they should be overlooked or considered cute -
5) What do you think your baby will be when he/she grows up? -
6) What would your baby do with a million dollars? -
7) Your baby is stranded on a deserted island. What three things would he/she want? -
8) What is the one thing your baby wishes most for the world? -
9) What do you do to help improve your baby's cuteness factor? -
10) What are the cutest things about your baby? -
11) Post a salute of YOU AND YOUR CHILD TOGETHER. A salute is a picture of you, your child, and a sign displaying your livejournal username. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but we've had a number of people stealing other kids' pictures. If you are unable to post a salute, DONT BOTHER APPLYING UNTIL YOU CAN. THANK YOU.


~ Once you have been accepted you will receive a stamp.
~ You may then go to the accepted list and comment.
~ As a member, you may post as often as you like. Include the word "stamped" in the title of your posts.
~ All posts must include pictures. Please use an <lj-cut>
~ When voting on an applicant, please put "yes" or "no" in the subject line, and then proceed to comment however you like.


- you MUST receive a MINIMUM of 25 yes votes to be stamped. however, the moderators reserve the right to determine if the ratio of no votes to yes votes are too close - if this happens, a moderator will let you know that you have to reapply.



Have you been rejected? Do you think there is an accepted member whose baby is fuglier than yours?



~ Make a post titled "Challenge"
~ Start the post with the sentence "My baby is cuter than (insert other LJer's name here)."
~ Include links to both your rejected post and your challenger's accepted post.
~ State why you think your baby is cuter than the other member's.
~ Loser gets the ugly stamp. Winner gets on the accepted list.