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[16 Feb 2012|09:19pm]


is there an age cut off for applications? i've been meaning to submit my son (and now daughter) for a long time. facebook took me away from lj for a while. but, i'm back. somewhat. with babies. toddlers.

thanks. :)
4 votes| yes or no?

Application + stamped siblings [08 Sep 2011|05:27pm]

Quinn's Application..Collapse )
17 votes| yes or no?

application [28 Apr 2011|08:40pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

 Added some more pics
Sibylla!Collapse )

20 votes| yes or no?

Application! [27 Apr 2011|09:41am]

I applied a few months ago and didn't get enough votes to be accepted so I figured I'd try again with my little sweetie.

Sarah JaneCollapse )
14 votes| yes or no?

Application [18 Mar 2011|04:58pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

ApplicationCollapse )

29 votes| yes or no?

Application [08 Feb 2011|03:38pm]

ApplicationCollapse )
25 votes| yes or no?

Application! [01 Feb 2011|01:01pm]

It seems like this place is pretty dead, but maybe this application will jump-start some activity!

Sarah JaneCollapse )
29 votes| yes or no?

Application, huzzah! [22 Nov 2010|07:27pm]

I know she's still really really little, but I thought I'd give this a try anyway. I completely expect to get a whole slew of "no"s, but I've been a member of this community for years and I just couldn't wait to have internet strangers judge my baby. :P

Charlotte's applicationCollapse )
18 votes| yes or no?

[27 Oct 2010|04:51pm]

Old app: http://community.livejournal.com/nouglybabies/941778.html#cutid1

Read more...Collapse )
20 votes| yes or no?

Application [20 Sep 2010|01:06pm]


1) Your baby's name - Nathan
2) Your baby's age - 3 (in 6 days)
3) Special talents - He can make anyone smile even if they have had a horrible day, and he is going to be a baseball star one day with his throwing skills! 
4) Describe your baby's biggest flaws/quirks/abnormalities and why they should be overlooked or considered cute -  When he is eating he will close his fists when he goes to take a drink from his cup. Everytime. I think it's cute and silly, but I think he does it because his hands are dirty from eating and he doesn't like the feel of his dirty hands on his cup.
5) What do you think your baby will be when he/she grows up? - I think he will be a baseball player. He can throw a ball very well and catch and hit a ball too!
6) What would your baby do with a million dollars? - He would probably put it in his piggy bank for later. All the change I get from work he gets to put in hi piggy bank and he loves to do it. After he puts the money in he says, "Thank you for keeping my money safe" then gives his piggy bank hugs and kisses.
7) Your baby is stranded on a deserted island. What three things would he/she want? -  He would want his Thomas the Train set, his Buzz Lightyear, and his Woody.
8) What is the one thing your baby wishes most for the world? - He wishes for longer days so there can be more playing for everyone!
9) What do you do to help improve your baby's cuteness factor? - Nothing! He does a great job of being cute all on his own.
10) What are the cutest things about your baby? -  His cute little face! I love it. And he has very good manners which makes him super cute to everyone else.
11) Post a salute of YOU AND YOUR CHILD TOGETHER. A salute is a picture of you, your child, and a sign displaying your livejournal username. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but we've had a number of people stealing other kids' pictures. If you are unable to post a salute, DONT BOTHER APPLYING UNTIL YOU CAN. THANK YOU.

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Baby pics! Collapse )
14 votes| yes or no?

Application [18 Aug 2010|08:02pm]

Application behind the cut...Collapse )
23 votes| yes or no?

My NUB 2 years 7 months (STAMPED) [22 Jun 2010|02:43pm]


I was stamped about 2 years ago now, I think I most probably updated with pictures once or twice since then, so thought I'd do a picture post from then til now of just a few of my favourites, quite a few pictures and I apologise for lack of quality of some of them, the later ones were often taken using the my phone eta: The last two pics are of me and her dad, just out of curiosity who do you think she looks like?
Pictures!Collapse )

6 votes| yes or no?

Application [20 Mar 2010|03:04am]

this is my third baby so let's see if we can get an uneven amount of stamped children in this family :)
Read more...Collapse )

lots of pics yo
23 votes| yes or no?

Application [22 Feb 2010|09:15pm]

Boredom & looking at old pictures of my daughter brought me here :)

Application under hereCollapse )
34 votes| yes or no?

Application [11 Feb 2010|12:19pm]

Actually, a reapplication. Here's to hoping she's not too squishy still.

Application and lots of picturesCollapse )
33 votes| yes or no?

stamped [31 Dec 2009|06:34pm]

because I haven't posted in like 50 yearsCollapse )

3 votes| yes or no?

*stamped & stamped* [12 Dec 2009|11:26pm]

couple new ones of my girls..

Ella & VioletCollapse )
10 votes| yes or no?

Entry [03 Dec 2009|01:24pm]

Application for LoganCollapse )
30 votes| yes or no?

Application. [02 Dec 2009|08:22am]

[ mood | awake ]

ApplicationCollapse )

28 votes| yes or no?

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